Full Specifications Of the KLZ Exercise Adjustable Sandbag

  • Brand Name ‎SKLZ
  • Manufacturer ‎SKLZ
  • Sport Type ‎Golf
  • Part Number ‎0308
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎12.5 x 24.51 inches
  • Item Weight ‎1 Kilograms
  •  Product Type: SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag (10 – 40 Pounds)
  • Users:  Unisex
  • Global Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,619 ratings | 39 answered questions
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎12.09 x 9.33 x 7.72 inches
  • Package Weight ‎1.34 Kilograms
  • Skill  type: Develop power and explosiveness
  • Great for strength building throughout the body
  • Four weight bags included – must be filled with a high-density material, like sand
  • Maximum weight of 40 lbs
  • Durable outer shells for long-lasting use
  • Money-back  warranty included

 What do you get

What you get is a 10 – 40  pound adjustable super heavy-duty training sandbag with unmatched usability for both experts and beginners.

The  SKLZ  exercise weighted bag is designed to help you train and improve your overall body strength stability, and cardio endurance as well as to help you achieve your fitness goal fast.

The Benefits Of Using KLZ Exercise Adjustable Sandbag and The Reason Why You Need it for Your Exercise.

The reason why you need KLZ Exercise Adjustable Sandbag for your routine is the quality material,   diversity of the design, and better user experience for both experts and beginners.

Are you looking for a cool piece of reliable exercise equipment to take your home routine to the next level?  if so, then this is what you need.

Easy weight  adjustable  workout bag

The  SKL super sandbag can be adjusted to fit your workout need,  it comes with heavy-duty and durable filler bags inside, and the weight can be adjusted from  10  to  40 pounds.   With this bag, you can get effective strength development training, total body stability cardio,  and endurance.

 It allows for  more exercise opportunities

With this weighted bag you get a  wide range of exercise opportunities, the versatile training bag gives you a wider range of exercise possibilities to execute tons of helpful workout performance, and you can work out your upper body efficiently as well as the lower side.
If you are aiming for explosive power and muscle development, then you will want to train your body with this bag.

However, the removable weight bag can be used as a soft weight to increase the effectiveness and intensity of any of your performance.

KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag
KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag

 A weighted bag  certified  by  expert

It’s designed to meet both the expert and beginner’s needs,   the multi-exercise bag offers perfect performance no matter where you are at home at the gym.  It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The  KLZ weighted bag is great for the entire family to keep fit from home, and a great exercise workout bag for athletes including baseballers,  golfers, basketball footballers, and boxers.

 What Makes the KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag stand out among the rest of them in the market and does it differ from the rest.

 6  Ergonomic  handles  and high-quality workmanship

The  6  ergonomic handles are what add more value to it giving you the endless possibility for total body strength and development performance,   enjoy better stability and endurance performance,   plus, a double sawing system that keeps the sand in the sandbag inside leakage-proof even when to use every day.

 Diverse Quality Design

What you get  is  durable  quality weighted bag   design  to help  activate   an explosive   power   in your body

The supper sandbag comes with four 10 lbs weight bags that are perfect for you either individually or all together in the durable bag itself, the outer shell,  however, is equipped with a zipper enclosure, and velcro reinforced material was used.

 What is included in the package?

One of the important things about this bag brand is that they include all the things you need to get the best shape of your life.

The  package includes the  exercise  instruction  guide which includes how  to  use the  bag to train yourself and   how  to perform basic  exercises  like:

  •  Squat
  •  Romanian deadlift
  •  forward  lunge
  •  Bicep  curl
  •  Clean  and press
  •  You also get setup instructions and removable filler sandbag yellowish weigh bags included in the box.

How to fill KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag

  • Fill yellow weight bags with the desired amount of filler (sand is recommended). Ensure each weight bag is sealed.
  • Insert desired number of weight bags into Super Sandbag. Each sand-filled bag weights approximately 10 pounds. See video above for more instructions.
    Begin workout.


Unlike other sandbags in the market which are very hard to use, KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbagis beginner-friendly.

This weighted is designed to fit everyone’s workout needs no matter whether you are a  beginner, mediate,  expert, it’s perfect for any fitness level, it’s super versatile and easy to grab, perfect for a wide range of exercise performances to stay strong including weight lifting,   front squats bend over rows,   or you can also run with it you back,  you know its such fun using it,  this is what you need if you are looking forward to effectively train your body, and build strength therein.

100% Money-back Warranty Included

The KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag comes money-back warranty as well as a 12-month product warranty,  so you have the possibility to return the bag and have your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you purchased,  they’ve got good and reliable customer service area in place for you and again it’s free, you just contact the customer service team for any questions or if you are having any issue what so ever.

Drawbacks and  Pros of the APRIL 14TH Workout Sandbag.


  • Valuable  quality
  • Easily adjustable system
  • Easy to grip
  • Easy and  comfortable to use
  • Warranty included

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  • Limited  Edition
  • 6 handles included

is KLZ Exercise Super Adjustable Sandbag Worth Buying: Our Final thought

In case you are still wondering whether or not to go for this training bag, this is quality and comfortable fitness equipment that is worth buying and according to our in-depth research on this  2 -in- 1 multi-exercise bag.

We found out that the brand behind the product is dedicated to providing users with high quality, plus, the weight of the bag set itself gets a good score in terms of ratings and reviews from those who are using it, you can find out here <<==.


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