Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Core Trainer Review

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About Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Trainer

The Umate abs stimulator abdominal trainer ultimate waist trimmer ab stimulator for men women great for work out abs, power, cool abs core training equipment for strength portable stimulator abs belt workout equipment.

Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Core Trainer
Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Core Trainer

Product Details And Overview

Brand nameUmate
Product typeAb stimulator
Suggest usersUnisex
Exercise typeAb core trainer
Model-level6 models, 18 levels
Power device typeRechargeable
Global ratings by FEATURESEasy to assemble 4.0/ value for money 4.0/ comfort  easy to use 3.8/  pain relief 3.1
Customer reviews3.3 out of 5 stars of 97
Bestsellers rank146,522 in sport and outdoors and 594 in core strength and abdominal trainers.

Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Trainer Review

Umate Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer will train and tone your abs muscles. this belt is one of the kept secret professional core ab muscle trainers designed with advanced technology (EMS) to precise, well known to influence muscle movement tone and boost strength.

The EMS tends to signal and move ab muscles hence tighten, tone, and leaving abs with strength and good shape.  If you are looking for ways to lose more excess fat and calories from your body without lifting weight, then this belt is the right for you.

Mode And level Adjustable Easily

Trimme, tone, and perfect ab muscles and core great for relaxation. You can even put it on during your various exercise and workout performance to fastening the fat burning process on your belly.

This ab trainer is adjustable it comes with 6 adjust modes and 18 levels sturdy for the transformation of your ab. However 6 modes will train and trim ab just like an ab or core exercise will do, while you can control the effectiveness and the intensity of the heat by choosing from  0-18 intensity levels.

This ab trainer will do the job for you whether you are a beginner, immediate, or an expert, it’s for both pre-workout and post-workout relaxation.

Easy To Use.

The Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Core Trainer is easy to use for anyone the operating system is simple for anyone. follow this easy guide whenever you want to use it.

How To Use Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Core Trainer

  • Fix the pads to the position where you want to exercise and just level to your preferred level and gradually to stimulate.
  • Choose from 0- 6  modes and 18 intensity levels to tone your ab core muscles easily.
  • And when it runs down you can get it back to life by recharging the battery, the USB cable to recharge the battery is included.

12 Months Warranty Is Included

Comes with good customer service with their 12-month satisfactory guarantee in case there is an issue you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service.

You can your body healthy train, tone trim, strength and transform your body without lifting any weight, the gym closed? no problem!!  get into shape anytime you want right in the comfort zone of your home. 15 minutes per day regular use of the belt will train and perfect your belly with a week, this is the right ab core trimmer if your goal is to shed excess weight,  calories and fat.

Check out this video below for it shows you more how Umate Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer works.

Pros And Cons


  • Tone, trimme, transform your body and boost more strength without lifting weight or having to go to the gym.
  • You save more money on fitness training equipment.
  • Get into shape in your comfort zone anytime you want.
  • 100% customer service guarantee anytime in case you have any issue with the product you can get in touch with them for help.
  • +100% many back guarantee you can return the item for you full refund if are not satisfied with what you buy.


  • Beginners have to start from level 1 to get along with heat.

Check out what those that are using this ab stimulator are saying here

Buyers Reviews

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Liudmila Soboleva 

So strong!

The pulsing motion of this is actually very strong!  I, like that there are many options of pulsing waves, not just one, and different strengths. it also fits on your body well, unlike those ones that you have to stick on yourself, very inconvenient. great product at a good price!

Thao Lee

Stimulating a useful muscle stimulator kit! i and my wife both have never used the muscle stimulation before, we used the stimulator on our abdomen and legs. I adjusted it to the level, after using it for half an hour every day, I felt a pain in my abdomen this proves that it works.

The rechargeable muscle fitness device is a professional design for muscle training, use for different body partial exercise, the total has 6 exercise models and 18 intensity levels, from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation, relaxation, and exercise. the experience was the position for my wife too. to be hones, I am very satisfied with the product, I wish I got it earlier.

Grace cline

Easy and effective, this gear is extremely easy to use and effective. I have seen results after only two weeks of purchasing. I am sure that after a year of usage, the results will only increase. the packing was simple and easy to use, I was impressed. i am glad to have found a great product, great for abs I love it.


Long term use makes it effective, I bought it for myself as a part of a home workout, and turns out to be effective with consistent use. the machine creates a vibration at a certain pace and generates a little heat which makes the belly fats burn. it was worth the money and definitely recommended.

Mike K

A great at-home ab workout, you can feel the burn. first time using one of these products and it works. my abs are definitely sore after usage. the fit is great and it is easy to use. it not uncomfortable to wear which I expected it to be.


Great product , this product is very good. I sold it to my dad. My dad has constipation. since my dad started using this product, his bowel movement are smooth. dad health is good. this product has 18 grades.

Deborah B

It is a great belt, I had an exercise belt previously. this one was half the price and works twice as well.

Is Umate Abs Stimulator Belt Ab Trainer worth buying?

It’s obvious from those that are using it are saying about this stimulator which is very important when buying a product so I would recommend this ab trainer if you are looking for a better one to burn excess belly fat from your body, this will work just fine.


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