Decline Bench Crunch- Abdominal Exercise That Helps Lose Belly Fat.

 Decline bench crunch, how would you do it to work for you ?

You need want to try this exercise, if you really want to add more intensity to your routine.

You will target and crunch your abdominal muscle more effectively!, do more little! the decline bench crunch, great abdominal exercise to stay strong keep and healthier .

It will help you indeed to defined your ab fully and perfect your body.

If you want to blast away excess fat and burn more calories out of your body, then do decline bench crunch regularly.

On this exercise you will be letting your ab get the job done, doing

correctly lifting up and down, with both of your legs hanging tight to the decline bench, it such an amazing result you get out of it.

what decline bench crunch is all about?

You will need to get down on this exercise if you mean some senses to lose your excess belly fat loss and burn more calories out from your body quick.

The decline bench crunch is one of the best abdominal exercises that you can do to boost more strength to ab muscle, power and to train your core.

image of man resisting on performance
image of man resisting on performance

It is performed using a decline bench and hooking up your legs tight to the it , know how to perform it properly is very necessary.

You need to use your abdominal strength to lift your body up and there you go!

then go back down again, without rushing yourself, it is crucial to keep the intensity going. Remember that “without no pain, there’s no gain on at all”

Can You lose calories, belly fat, calories or lose weight doing decline bench crunch? 

It has been said that doing exercise regularly with good diet taken into consideration will help lose excess weight, calories and maintain good

health, while doing decline bench crunch regularly though, will help you even more, to get rid of some excess belly fat

what more would doing decline bench crunch regularly help you with ?

Well, this is an important exercise right here, doing this exercise regularly will help boost strength to your abdominal muscles, which will help you

image of man with 6 pack abdominal shape
image of man with 6 pack abdominal shape

through some processes like “Nasoocular reflex” when sneezing, coughing, breathing, it will also help in maintain good body and posture.

Decline bench crunch regular performance will energize your body, shape up your ab and give it a 6 pack beach shape that you hasten for.

It is aiming primarily to target, train and strengthen the “rectus abdominis”.

Doing decline bench crunch regularly will also train the middle abs muscle, hooking down on the decline bench.

Decline Bench Crunch Overview 

Exercise type: Strength 

Target zone: Abdominals

Equipment needed: Decline bench and your body weight 

How to do decline bench crunch

To get started with this exercise is very easy you will need a decline bench with the foot lock pad included.

Find a good place to position the decline bench.

Then lie down with your back on it. position your self very well on it, let you feet lock tight to the bench for better support, because you are going to be using the weight of your upper body to train.

So put your hands at the back of your head or you may want to cross them in front of your chest, and guess what… to make this exercise to be more

image of women doing decline bench crunch
image of women doing decline bench crunch

intense, you could hold on to a disk of a dumbbell to your chest. if you can’t do that, that is ok, go ahead. follow this quick guide here for better performance:

Quick guide 

position your self very well to the decline bench

Let your legs hang on tight to the lock pad

Don’t move your legs around during the performance

Move only your upper body to train your ab

Don’t use your hands to lift yourself up 

Let your hand be on your chest or at the back of your head

Then now contrast your abs and raise your body slowly, raise till your

elbows are near to your thighs, briefly pause for a second or 2 at that position, to fully crunch and flex your abdominal muscles.

Then slowly lower your body back to the exact position where you begin.

Start again! at the same position and with the same move to prior your rep. 

You should take note of these when doing decline bench crunch 

Lock up tight to the bench throughout don’t let your legs move around 

 Don’t do any momentum that might cause you to fall off from the bench or that might permit you to carry along perfectly with the exercise. 

Don’t rush yourself move slowly and makes sure to pause briefly at the top so that you fully crunch and flex your abs muscle.

 Focus and concentrate do away from any difficulties that might want hinder you from performing the exercise.

You might want to be observed or assist by your trainer or one of your friend in other to perfect your performance. 

what are benefits in performing decline bench crunch 

Decline bench crunch is of the best abdominal exercise to target and train “rectus abdominis” perfectly and most efficiently.

It is one of those exercises that can be done to lose calories and belly fat out of your body fat, that is with a correct diet and regular performance.

It can perfect and add more strength to your abdominals 

Decline bench crunch will train the middle part of the abdominal and boost 6 pack abdominal shape to it. 


Train your abdominal muscle and lose more calories, excess fat, and keep your ab strong.

What makes love this exercise is that it can help strengthen ab so that you feel no pain when you sneeze, when you cough, decline bench crunch can even help to tackle stomach ache and disorder. Mike here on Do the decline bench crunch- abdominal exercise that helps lose belly fat; rrsq

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