How To Do The Barbell Abdominal Side Bend Obliques Exercise

    The Barbell Abdominal Side, Bend Obliques Exercise, is a great way to strengthen and tone your oblique muscles.

    This exercise targets not only the abdominal muscle but also the muscles of your side, making it an effective way to target both areas while improving posture and helping you stay fit.

    It can be done with a barbell or even a dumbbell, depending on what is most comfortable for you. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold onto the barbell with both hands in front of your chest.

    Keep your back straight as you bend from one side to the other as far as possible without leaning forward. Return to the starting position and repeat 8-12 times for best results.

    List Of Steps To Do The Barbell Abdominal Side Bend Obliques Exercise

    1. Set Up the Barbell
    2. Start Position
    3. Bend to the Side
    4. Return to Centre
    5. Repeat the Steps
    • Set Up the Barbell

    The Barbell Abdominal Side, Bend Obliques Exercise, is an effective workout to target the abdominal and oblique muscles. You must set up the barbell correctly for it to be done correctly and safely.

    1. The first step of this exercise is to select a barbell weighing between five and 10 pounds, depending on your fitness level.
    2. Next, stand with your feet hip-width apart and place the barbell across your shoulders behind your head.
    3. Make sure the bar is balanced evenly across both sides for better stability, and keep your arms relaxed during this exercise.
    4. After doing these steps, you will be ready to perform the actual exercise, which requires bending at the waist while keeping the spine straight while bending side-to-side in alternate motions.
    • Start Position

    The barbell abdominal side bend obliques exercise effectively targets your midsection and builds strength in your core.

    Starting in the correct position is the step to performing this exercise correctly for optimal results. Knowing how to create the barbell abdominal side bend obliques exercise will allow you to gain maximum benefit from each rep and avoid any potential injuries. 

    When beginning the barbell abdominal side bend obliques exercise, starting with a lightweight and perfect form before increasing intensity is essential.

    Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a weighted barbell at chest level. For stability, your arms should be slightly bent with elbows tucked into your waist.

    A Woman working out -How To Do The Barbell Abdominal Side Bend Obliques Exercise

    • Bend to the Side

    The Barbell Abdominal Side, Bend Obliques exercise is a great way to strengthen and tone your core muscles. This exercise requires bending your torso sideways while holding a barbell in both hands.

    The side bending motion of this exercise helps target the oblique muscles, which are vital for helping maintain good posture and balance. 

    When performing this exercise, it is essential to make sure you use proper form and technique to get the most out of it.

    Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and gripping the barbell in both hands at chest height. Bend your torso sideways while maintaining control of the barbell with both hands, keeping your back straight and abs engaged throughout the entire movement.

    • Return to Centre

    The abdominal side bend obliques exercises are one of the most effective ways to strengthen and tone the ab muscles.

    This exercise requires a barbell and is best performed with proper form and technique. The key to achieving this exercise is returning to the center after each side bend.

    Doing so helps build core strength, improve balance, as well as activate additional muscles in the abdomen area. 

    To perform the barbell abdominal side bend obliques exercise, begins by setting up the barbell with an appropriate weight that can be managed without strain or discomfort during the training.

    Begin upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, core tight, and abdominals engaged. With control, reach down, keeping your back straight until you feel a contraction in your oblique muscles before returning to the center position.

    • Repeat the Steps

    The barbell abdominal side bend obliques exercise is a great way to tone and strengthen the sides of your abs.

    It is an essential part of any core-focused workout regimen and can help to target that area for maximum results. If you’re looking for a new move to add to your routine, this one should be on your list! 

    Repeating the steps each time you move is essential to ensure the correct form. Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and holding a barbell in front of you with both hands.

    Keep your arms straight while bending at the waist and leaning over as far as you can before returning to starting position.

    Equipment Needed

    You will need a straight barbell for this exercise, but Side bend is a great abdominal exercise to trains obliques and can also be performed by holding two dumbbells bending side by side.


    • Keep a correct position and stand straight. Position yourself very well your feet should be about your shoulder-width apart.
    • Do not stay close to the wall leave at least one inch from the wall make sure that your body and your barbell stay in one layer as you bend right to left.
    • Do not bend your knees you must be looking forward and straight don’t twist your upper body.
    • Make sure that to keep your knees almost extended throughout the entire exercise don’t bend yourself forward or backward. Bend to the left, but still keeping it real straight forward do not move your hips either, and keep your hips still.
    • Move slowly don’t rush yourself bend slowly to the side down until the side muscle of your ab is slightly stretched make sure that the side of your ab is stretched.
    • Don’t overweight yourself start with a light barbell of 10 to 25 kg on your shoulders.


    In conclusion, the Barbell Abdominal Side Bend Obliques Exercise is an effective and efficient way to target the oblique muscles.

    Following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that you perform the exercise correctly and engage more of your oblique muscles.

    With regular practice, you will soon begin to see results and feel an improved sense of balance and strength in the core area.



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