Barbell Or EZ Rollout Workout Guide

The barbell or Ez rollout is an effective exercise for strengthening your core and building abdominal strength. It requires minimal equipment, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t have access to gym equipment or are just starting with home workouts.

This workout guide will walk you through how to do the barbell or Ez rollout safely and effectively so you can target your core muscles and build strength.

Start kneeling on the ground with a straight back and shoulders squared to do the barbell rollout. Grasp a loaded barbell at chest level with both hands, keeping your elbows bent as you lower yourself toward the ground.

How to do the barbell rollout?

The Barbell Rollout is a great exercise to help strengthen your core and improve your overall fitness. It is a simple exercise requiring minimal equipment and can be done with a barbell.

Doing it can help you increase your strength, flexibility, and balance. To begin the Barbell Rollout, set up a barbell on an elevated surface.

Make sure the bar’s weight is appropriate for your fitness level  you should be able to complete 10-12 repetitions without feeling too challenged or tired.

Start in an upright position with feet shoulder-width apart and hands gripping the bar outside of shoulder width.

Some tips for barbell rollout

The barbell rollout is a great way to strengthen your core and improve your fitness. But, it’s essential to use the proper technique when performing this exercise to ensure maximal effectiveness. Here are some tips for correctly executing a barbell rollout: 

  1. Start kneeling with the barbell across your torso.
  2. Next, extend your arms straight in front of you while keeping them parallel to the ground.
  3. Slowly start rolling out, using controlled movements and keeping your body tight throughout the motion – you should be able to feel an active contraction in your abs and glutes as you perform the exercise.
  4. Finally, pause briefly before returning to starting position once your arms are fully extended.
  5. Remember that it’s essential not to hyperextend or overstretch during this move – keep everything tight and controlled at all times!

How to incorporate the barbell rollout into your training routine?

The barbell rollout is an effective way to strengthen your core and improve your overall fitness. It’s an exercise that can be done with just a barbell, but it requires proper form and safety precautions for the best results. Here are some tips on incorporating the barbell rollout into your training routine. 

  1. First, make sure you have the proper setup. 
  2. Place two gym mats on a flat surface and lay the barbell across them. 
  3. Make sure you position yourself far enough away from the bar to roll it out without over-extending yourself. 
  4. Start in an upright plank position with hands gripping either end of the bar and feet firmly on the ground. 
  5. Next, engage your core muscles as you slowly roll out until your arms are extended in front of you while keeping a straight line from head to toe throughout the movement.
  6. When you reach the point of full extension, slowly roll back to the starting position.
  7. Ensure you keep your core muscles engaged throughout the movement to protect your lower back and create a robust and tight body. Repeat for 10-12 repetitions per set.

    Barbell Or EZ Rollout Workout Guide
    Barbell Or EZ Rollout Workout Guide

List of some rollout variations

  • Ab roller/Wheel 
  • Bodyweight sliding variation 
  • Using a stability Ball

  • Ab roller/Wheel

One of the most popular abdominal exercises is the Ab Roller Wheel and its rollout variations. Fitness enthusiasts have used it since the beginning of strength training to help strengthen one’s core and upper body muscles. The Ab Roller Wheel is valuable equipment that targets different areas of your abdominal muscles, helping you get in shape quickly and successfully. 

The Rollout Variation adds an extra difficulty to the traditional Ab Roller Wheel exercise as it requires more stability from your core muscles, thereby allowing for a more excellent range of motion than ever before.

This variation helps engage more muscle fibers throughout your abdomen, helping you build strength faster than if you were doing regular ab roller exercises alone. When performing this variant correctly, it challenges not only your abdominals but also your shoulder girdle, back extensors, glutes, and hip flexors. 

  • Bodyweight sliding variation

The rollout variation is a bodyweight sliding exercise that offers a practical and challenging way to strength train. This exercise involves using your own body weight to create resistance on your core and upper body muscles as you slide across the floor.

It can be used as part of a full-body workout or as an individual exercise in its own right. The rollout variation helps to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and stability while providing an intense challenge for those looking to increase their strength and power.

  • Using a stability Ball

Using a stability ball is an effective way to add variety and challenge to any workout. This fitness tool can be used for strength training, core and balance exercises, and dynamic stretching.

Rollouts are one of the most common exercises using a stability ball, which involves pushing the ball away from the body while keeping your arms extended straight out in front of you.

While many people know how to do traditional rollouts with a stability ball, several variations can help individuals work different muscles or increase difficulty.

Equipment Needed

The barbell abdominal roll-out is performed with the barbell or with an EZ bar rolling. Exercise is to be performed with calm slow and steady with full concentration.

Not only that this exercise will train your ab, core and back but also partially train the obliques.

Barbell Or EZ Rollout Workout Guide

Check out this video below for it shows you how to properly perform Barbell Or EZ Rollout Workout Guide.

Precautions and safety guide

Here are the precautions and the safety to follow for barbell abdominal rollout, follow this guide here for better performance.

  • Don’t perform it if your back pain or any other problems to prevent yourself from getting hurt.
  • It is advised not to perform this exercise if you are having shoulder or back problems there are other abdominal exercises that are more convenient for you,  the barbell abdominal roll-out may not fit for you if you are having shoulder or elbow or back issues.
  • Keep the correct position and position your arms must to be at least 90 degrees to the floor of 1.5  widths, it must not pass the vertical line on the bar.
  • Do not hollow your back and Make sure that you keep your elbows straight and still throughout.

Move t slowly, the exercise must be performed in a slow steady motion so roll forward and backwards but don’t move your hands too fast. Do not create momentum that can jeopardize the good performance.


In conclusion, the barbell or EZ rollout is an effective and straightforward way to work out your core muscles. This exercise can be done with minimal equipment and space, making it convenient for most people.

It can also be modified and adjusted to suit different fitness levels and workout goals. While this exercise requires a suitable form to be effective, following the steps outlined above can help you maximize the benefits of the workout.

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