Behind Neck Pull Downs!

Pulldown Behind The Neck- Back Exercise. The pull down behind the neck is an exercise for more strength in the back or you want to make your back huge more , it is  one of the best exercise for back.  It is an exercise that can help reduce   back  pain.

It  is performed with the universal pull-down bar machine.

The pull-down behind the neck this is one of the most important back exercise to train and strengthen your back dorsal muscle latissimus dorsi muscle.   .

How to  do behind  neck pulldowns


Position yourself very well sit down under a pull-down bar grasp the bar with approximately two shoulder widths apart,  your back should be straight and vertical under the pull-down bar .

Pull down the bar until it touches your neck or the top of your back . Extend your arms again inhale at the same time as you go.

Do not lean forward too much when you pull down the bar so that you can be able to extend your shoulder.


 Do not elevate one shoulder more than the other, the up-motion should be slightly slower than the down-motion.

 Don’t be too fast pull the bar down to your neck slowly and return to the beginning position slowly steadily and in a straight vertical line.


 pull down and rotate your arms back a little. Then, exhale,   You should be capable to control well the weight up and down do not create momentum or any difficulty that can jeopardize the Performance in the right way, you might need to be supervised by an expert or your person  trainer.

Hold your hands tight to the bar don’t let the bar escape from your hand.  Repeat the process again to your desire reps.

behind  neck pulldowns
behind  neck pulldowns

Safety steps  when doing  behind neck pulldowns.

keep a correct position and be concentrate

Keep your back straight and vertical under the pull-down bar.

Pull down the bar until it touches your neck or the top of your back.

 Do not create any difficulty for yourself, the up-motion must be slightly slower than the down-motion.

 You might need someone to supervise you or a trainer.

You have to be focus and don’t let the weight control you.

The bar must be holding tight to your hands.

  Behind neck  Pulldowns health benefits

It train and strengthen back

Pull down behind the neck helps strengthen back .

 It’s also helps in training your latissimus dorsi.

Its helps build the shoulder joint.

It help  reduce the back pain drastically.

Pull down behind the neck help your back and gives you more benefits that other back exercise did not.


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