How To Train Side Abs(Obliques) Two Abs Exercise Dumbbell And Barbell Side Bends!

Dumbbell side bend overview

Exercise type: strength

Target zone: obliques muscle

Equipment needed: dumbbells

Reps: 15 to 20 ps


Dumbbell side bend

Dumbbell side bend  a great and  effective  abdominal exercise to keep both sides of your abs alive.

Perfect strength exercise for the obliques muscle, some times you might not want do barbell side bend to train your obliques in that case you can go for the dumbbell side bend as a  perfect alternative.

It is done bending only your upper body side to side without hollow your back or bending your knees.

The dumbbell side bend can be perform by training one side of your abs at a time or you can also perform it training both sites holding two dumbbells in your hands.

Though is more safer and preferably to do it training one site at a time for it helps not to put too much stress to your hips, don’t can strain your hips!.

Training one side at a time will safe you from damaging your hips, and you be will able to rest your other side while training the other one.

How to do dumbbell side bend

Here is how you can perform barbell side bend perfectly to target and train (obliques) both sides of your  abdominal wherever you are at the time:

Find a better place to position yourself get started.

Stand erect and still looking straight forward.

Bring one of your on your waist or closer to your side.

How to train side abs dumbbell side bend
How to train side abs dumbbell side bend

You are going to using overhand grip for the dumbbell.

So hold a pair of dumbbell, while stile standing straight without looking down, hollow your back or bending your knees.

Extend your feet a little, let your feet be at list shoulder-width apart.

Then bend sideways slowly.

 Bend to side either left or right, move until your obliques muscles are stretch.

Then hold that position briefly for a second the reason for that is for  your side muscle to fully contracted.

Let the side of your ab get the full stretch when you at the lowest position before you can then return to the starting position.

Repeat the same process again for the other side of your abdominal and repeat to prior the reps that you want to do.

what I normal go for is at least 20 to 25 reps per set to make it to be more intense though 15 to 20 reps within a set is advisable for each side. 

Safety guides  

what are the do and don’t? follow these proper guides here to train your obliques without  any hassle.

These important guides here will helps you both for a correct position and also for the safety performance :

 Stand straight in an erect position don’t look down and  don’t bend your legs either, looking straight forward.

Hold a dumbbell with an underhand grip for a better performance.

Don’t overweight yourself grab the weight that your power can be able to control throughout.

However it is advised to stake with 12 to 20 kg maximum to not hot your self.  

Keep your feet extend a little and let your heels remain still on the ground throughout.

Move slowly do not rush your self be careful don’t  let weight fall off or stray from your hands, don’t twist your body back and forth during performance.

Make sure that your sides are fully stretched and contracted at the lowest position.

The returning movement should be slightly slower than when you  bend your body. 

Don’t create any difficulty that will jeopardize the good performance you might want to ask your gym trainer to observe you during the performance. 


 Barbell side bend overview 

Exercise type : Strength 

Target zone : Obliques muscle 

Equipment needed : Barbell 

Reps : 15 to 20 

Barbell abdominal side bend 

The barbell side bend is an important side obliques abdominal exercise efficient enough to train and strength muscles at the side of

the ab a perfect gym exercise that is performed caring a straight barbell at the highest portion of your back but not on your neck.

How to do barbell side bend

Position yourself in a good zone and  don’t stay closer to the wall or something that can hinder you from bending.

Stay at list an inch away to prevent hitting the wall or any object that can cause any hassle.

While still standing, extend your feet slightly to about shoulder width apart, and grab a straight barbell.

Don’t overweight start with light weight so that you don’t hot your hips.

Abdominal Side Bends
Abdominal Side Bends

10 to 20 kg is the most advised weight to start with.

Look straight forward and bend sideways to your right or left side slowly.

Keep the straight line and stay in one layer don’t twist your body.

keep your hips still and keep bending until the side of your obliques is stretched and contrasted fully before you move back to the starting position.

You can repeat the same process again for the other side of your abdominal. Repeat again to prior  your rep.

Precautions and safety guides for barbell side bend 

Start with lightweight don’t overweight your self, take care don’t hot yourself,  load weight that your power can be able to control throughout.

Keep straight and erect don’t bend your knees look forward, don’t stay closer to the wall or anything that can jeopardize the good performance.

Move slowly don’t rush yourself, focus and concentrate yourself on targeting the side muscles of your abdominals.

Don’t twist your upper body back and forth, let your obliques muscle stretched and contracts at the highest level before moving back to the starting position.


Follow these training guides to train and perfect your side abs 

Train your side Abs(Obliques) with these two great abdominal exercise dumbbell and barbell side bends these will help train, boost

strength and makes your body healthier, perfect  exercise to lose more excess calories and fat from your belly these are very efficient when performed regularly with a good diet  intake. 

Your questions 

I will like to hear from you all and if you ever have any question comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you’ve got

more ways you do your own please feel free to get in touch with us leave your questions and comment down below and I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks. 








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