How To Do Wide Grip Lat Pull down- On Machine

Wide grip lat pulldowns are great for targeting the lats and back muscles. They are especially effective when done on a  machine, as this provides more stability and support to help you execute proper form.

If you want to incorporate wide-grip lat pulldowns into your workout routine, here’s how to do them safely and effectively on a pulling machine.

Ensure your feet are firmly planted on the ground with your knees bent at 90-degree angles. Reach up and grab onto the handlebar with both hands in an overhand grip, keeping your hands wider than shoulder-width apart.

Keep your chest out and core engaged while bringing down the bar toward your chest, allowing it to rest just below it before pushing back up until your arms are fully extended.

List Of Steps To Do Wide Grip Lat Pulldown On Pulling Machine

  • Adjust the seat height
  • Adjust the weight
  • Sit down and grasp the bar
  • Engage your back muscles
  • Pull the bar down
  • Pause and squeeze
  • Release and return

  • Adjust the seat height.

Adjusting the seat height when performing a wide grip lat pulldown on a pulling machine is essential to ensure correct form and proper technique.

If the seat is too low, the motion of the exercise if it’s too high, it can strain your back or shoulders. Before beginning, adjust the seat to align with your torso comfortably and securely.

The knees should be slightly bent and feet flat on the floor throughout the exercise for you to maintain stability. It’s also essential to support your arms by adjusting the handlebars to fit into your hands comfortably.

Once you feel secure and have completed all necessary adjustments, you can complete repetitions correctly for maximum benefit from this exercise routine.

  • Adjust the weight

Adjusting the weight on a pulling machine can be done by simply pressing down on the pin at the top of the stack weights and moving it up or down depending on the desired resistance.

For wide-grip lat pulldowns, heavier weights should be used for maximum results, as lighter weights won’t provide enough tension for these exercises.

Once you have adjusted your weight correctly, you can hold on to the bar with both hands, using an overhand grip wider than shoulder-width apart.

  • Sit down and grasp the bar.

Wide grip lat pulldown is an exercise that can be done on a pulling machine and is a great way to strengthen your back muscles.

When performing this exercise, it is essential to sit down and grasp the bar correctly to maximize your workout. Start sitting on the bench with your feet flat on the floor to do wide grip lat pulldown on a pulling machine. Make sure you have a firm grip on the bar before you begin. 

Now, while keeping your back straight, pull the bar downwards towards your chest as if you were trying to come close enough to touch it against your body.

It would be best to keep pulling until your elbows reach shoulder level before releasing slowly and returning to starting position. You must maintain control over both movement parts – going up and down – for the best results.

  • Engage your back muscles.

One of the most effective exercises for engaging and strengthening your back muscles is the wide grip lat pulldown on a pulling machine.

This exercise helps you build strength in your lats, rhomboids, and lower traps, all of which are important for improving posture and supporting other muscles in the back.

To do this exercise correctly:

  • Adjust the seat height so your arms can move when reaching the bar.
  • Hold onto the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your chest up and out as you exhale while pulling down towards your chest until your hands reach just below it.

During each rep, you should feel this contraction on both sides of your upper torso area. You can add weight to increase intensity or alternate between two grips at each set.

  • Pull the bar down

The Wide Grip Lat Pulldown is an excellent exercise for strengthening the back and developing the latissimus dorsi muscle definition. It’s an easy exercise

How To Do Wide Grip Lat Pull down- On Machine

to perform. However, it can be unsafe if you’ve never used a weight machine. Performing this exercise is to pull the bar down. It involves gripping the bar with a wide grip and pulling it towards your chest while maintaining movement control. 

When you do this, focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together at the bottom of the motion, slowly releasing them as you return to your starting position. Ensure that your elbows remain close to your body throughout this motion. It will help ensure you engage all necessary back muscles for maximum benefit from each repetition.

  • Pause and squeeze

The pause and squeeze step involves pausing at both ends of each rep while squeezing your back muscles together at the top of the movement before slowly returning to starting position.

It will help to ensure that you are using good form and targeting specific muscle groups while avoiding any unnecessary stress or injury to your body.

Pausing and squeezing in each repetition will guarantee that you get the maximum benefit from every move while keeping your body safe from harm.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Overview

Exercise type: strength 

Target zone: latissimus dorsi 

Equipment needed: pulldown machine with cable


Quick Guide Follow 

Position your legs very well under the knee pads 

Let your feet remain firm on the floor throughout 

Let your back erect and use an underhand grip for a better performance

Do not overweight your self on this exercise 

So pull the bar down slowly on top of your chest while pushing your chest slightly out a little.

Pull the bar to your chest as you concentrate and pull your shoulder blade together down.

Arch your back a little. By the time the bar is an inch from your chest, you can then pause briefly in that position to allow your muscle to fully contract.

Then you can release the bar slowly to the beginning position, make sure that the bar did not draw you back to itself, and exhale as you move.

You can then repeat the same process to prior to your rep. For me, when I am doing the exercise, I used to go for at least 10 to 12 reps in a set. That is how I do my own.

Safety Measures For wide Grip Lat Pulldown

what is a safety measure to take into considerations when performing the wide grip at pulldown?

Here are the rules you will have to follow for a better performance. Follow these rules here whenever you are want to perform this exercise.

Don’t let the weight drag you back to itself, to avoid that makes sure that you position yourself well hookup your legs well under the kneepads of the pulldown machine.

Don’t let the bar stray off from your hands, hold it very tight in your hands.

Let your feet be flat on the floor, don’t ever allow it to move around throughout.

Be concentrate focus your self when pulling. Don’t create any momentum or anything that can jeopardize the correct performance.

Let your hands be almost twice the shoulder width, arch you back a little and put out your chest slightly.

Let the bar get your chest, and pause that position for a minute or 2 before returning to the starting position. 

Don’t rush yourself. Move the bar slowly and carefully, return it to the starting position.

Upon doing this exercise, you may need to be observed by an expert or your trainer to make sure you are doing it right. 

What Are The Benefits In Doing A Wide Grip Lat pulldown

It very good for backpack relief, you can use it to rehabilitate your back, it will reduce the strain and pain fast!

It will help rip back doing it constantly.

The wide grip lat pulldown is good to train back for more size 

It is great to train back for more strength, and also wider and ticker.

What makes me love wide grip lat pulldown is that is very easy to add” variations” in grip, with, style and the torso angle for , you can target different muscles in your back by simply changing the position of your grip, width, and style, in short, it a very good back training exercise to always embark on whenever you train your back.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the wide grip lat pulldown on a pulling machine can build your back muscles and improve your posture.

Practicing proper form and technique is essential to get the most out of your workout and reducing the risk of injury. Always start with lighter weights and gradually increase as you become stronger.

Additionally, focus on controlling the motion of each repetition by slowing down once you reach the end of each rep.


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