Wide Grip Lat PullDown

Train till you rip your back-wide grip lat pull-down a great back exerciser!

Target train and boost more strength to your back, know how you can train your back better with this exercise.

An important back exercise that will train your back efficiently, it is one of the best back exercises that will rip your back and strengthen it.

Wide Grip Lat PullDown
Wide Grip Lat PullDown

It can also add more size to your back, when doing it regularly, know how to do it properly.

If know the correct position and way to do it properly  this exercise can be of huge benefits to reduce back pain and stress from your back.

And infarct, wide grip pulldown can rehabilitate your back from strain and pain, but before I am going to be walking  you through the process of doing this exercise.

Let me let you all know more about what this exercise is all about here:

what is  wide grip lat pulldown

An effective back exercise for more strength and size, there is no way this exercise is not going to keep your back strong and straight.

It one of the most important exercise to always go for when you want to ton your back, rip and add more power, keep your back

strong!, shape it up!, target the back muscle with wide grip pulldown an essential classic exercise that will train those part of the back muscle that other exercise may not be able to reach,!

The wide grip pulldown can be perform by changing grip, the width position, so that you can target a different part of the back muscles.

Wide grip pulldown is a gym exercise, this means that you will have to go to the gym, or if you have the cable pulldown machine at home that’s great.

It is aiming at the target, train and strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscles primarily.

 Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Overview

Exercise type: strength 

Target zone: latissimus dorsi 

Equipment needed: pulldown machine with cable


How Do Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

To get started with it is easy  follow this guide to get your back transform and strong. 

Sit down upon  the pulldown machine with your back erect, position your self, bring your legs and position it, let it hookup under the kneepads of the pulldown machine.

Wide Grip Lat PullDown
Wide Grip Lat PullDown

Let your feet flat on the floor firmly, don’t let your legs move around throughout so that you have the full support to drag back, with your feet flat on the floor you have more chances to drag.

Grab the wide bar, you are going to using an overhand grip for this exercise always remember this.

So grab tight to the bar, for a perfect performance, let your hands be at least almost twice of shoulder-width apart.

Here is a quick guide for you to follow for a perfect performance:

Quick Guide Follow 

Position your legs very well under the knee pads 

Let your feet remain firm on the floor throughout 

Let your back erect and us an underhand grip for a better performance

Do not overweight your self on this exercise 

So pull the bar down slowly on top of your chest while pushing your chest slight out a little.

Pull the bar to your chest as you concentrate and pull your shoulder blade together down.

Arch your back a little, by the time the bar is an inch from your chest, you can then pause briefly in that position to allow your muscle to fully contract.

Wide Grip Lat PullDown
Wide Grip Lat PullDown

Then you can release the bar slowly to the beginning position, make sure that the bar did not draw you back to itself, and exhale as you move.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your rep, for me, when I am do the exercise I used to go for at least 10 to 12 reps in a set that is how I do my own.

Safety Measures For wide Grip Lat Pulldown

what is a safety measure to take into considerations when performing the wide grip lat pulldown?

Here are the rules you will have to follow for better performance follow these rules here whenever you are want to perform this exercise.

Don’t let the weight drag you back to itself, to avoid that makes sure that you position your self well hookup your legs well under the kneepads of the pulldown machine.

Don’t let the bar stray off from your hands,  hold it very tight in your hands.

Let your feet be flat on the floor don’t ever allows it to move around throughout.

Be concentrate focus your self when pulling, don’t create any momentum or anything that can jeopardize the correct performance.

Let your hands be almost twice the shoulder width, arch you back a little and put out your chest slightly.

Let the bar get your chest, and pause that position for a minute or 2 before returning to the starting position. 

Don’t rush your self move the bar slowly and carefully return it to the starting position.

Upon doing this exercise you may need to be observed by an expert or your trainer, to make sure you are doing it right. 

What Are The Benefits In Doing A Wide Grip Lat pulldown

It very good for backpack relief, you can use it to rehabilitate your back, it will reduce the strain and pain fast!

It will help rip back doing it constantly.

The wide grip lat pulldown is good to train back for more size 

It is great to train back for more strength, and also wider and ticker.

What makes me love wide grip lat pulldown is that is very easy to add” variations” in grip, width, style and the torso angle for , you can target different muscles in your back by simply changing the position of your grip, width, and style, in short, it a very good back training exercise to always embark on whenever you train your back.

My conclusion

wide grip lat pulldown a great back exercise that will train, build, and transform your back very easily, one of the effective back exercises that will boost more size to it.

You will rip your back and relief any pain and stress in it, with this exercise. 

Don’t overweight your self on this performance, load the weight that your power can be able to control, don’t exaggerate on it.

I normally start with low weight, then latter add up more without overdo.

That is me, that is how I get my performance going.  I use an overhand grip for better performance.

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