2 Best Obliques Exercises You Can Do With Machine

Oblique solid muscles can help you move more efficiently, increase your core strength, and make your midsection look more toned. Including exercises explicitly targeting your obliques in your regular workout routine is essential.

It’s possible to use machines in the gym for an effective, oblique workout. The One is the seated Russian twists. This exercise works both sides of your obliques at once by utilizing a cable machine with a rope attachment. 

What Is Obliques Exercise?

Oblique exercises are targeted workouts designed to tone the muscles on the sides of your torso. These workouts often involve static holds and dynamic movements and are essential to any fitness routine. 

The obliques which run along either side of your core are an essential group of muscles for stabilizing your spine and allowing you to twist and bend at the waist.

Strengthening them can help improve posture and balance while also helping to reduce lower back pain. In addition, strong obliques can define your waistline when combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise.

Many exercises target the obliques, such as bicycle crunches, Russian twists, windmills, side planks, and mountain climbers.

List Of 2 Best Obliques Exercises You Can Do With Machine

  • Cable Woodchoppers
  • Seated Russian Twists

 Cable Woodchoppers

What is cable woodchoppers all about? Cable Woodchoppers are an effective exercise for targeting and strengthening the body’s core muscles. This unique exercise requires a cable machine available in most gyms.

Cable Woodchoppers involve twisting motions that target the oblique muscles in your abdomen and back, as well as your rectus(abs) and transverse (deep abdominal muscles).

This versatile exercise not only provides an excellent workout for your core but also has other benefits. It can help to improve balance and coordination, increase range of motion, develop strength and even reduce lower back pain.

Additionally, it’s an ideal exercise to work on functional fitness and add variety to any fitness routine. To perform Cable Woodchoppers correctly, you must maintain good posture while keeping tension on the cable machine throughout the entire movement.

How To Do Cable Woodchoppers?

  • Stand perpendicular to a cable machine with a D-handle attachment at shoulder height.
  • Grab the handle with both hands and take a few steps away from the machine to create tension.
  • Keeping your arms straight, twist your torso and pull the handle down and across your body. Ending with your hands near your opposite hip.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for the desired reps before switching sides.

What Are The Benefits Of Cable Woodchoppers?

Cable woodchoppers are a great way to work out without expensive gym equipment effectively. This simple exercise device provides various health benefits, including improved flexibility and balance, increased core strength, and reduced risk of injury.

2 Best Obliques Exercises You Can Do With Machine

Using cable woodchoppers is ideal for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness level. The exercise targets the oblique muscles in the abdomen.

It lowers the back, helping to create a strong and stable core that can prevent injury during other workouts or everyday activities.

Additionally, performing regular cable wood chopper exercises will help improve your balance by engaging multiple muscle groups to stabilize your body while acting.

By improving stability, you can reduce your risk of falls or strains due to sudden changes in direction or awkward movements during daily tasks.



Seated Russian Twists

What is Seated Russian Twists? Seated Russian Twists are a great way to target your core muscles. Not only do they help you strengthen your abs, but they can also improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

If you’re looking for an exercise move to add variety to your workouts, Seated Russian Twists could be just what you need. 

The Seated Russian Twist is a bodyweight exercise that works the upper and lower abdominal muscles and the obliques. It’s usually done while seated on the floor with either one or two legs bent.

Keep your back straight and move slowly from side to side when performing this twist motion, breathing deeply throughout the exercise. You should feel the tension on both sides of your abdominals as you perform this twist motion.

How To Do Seated Russian Twists?

  • Sit on a machine with an adjustable seat and torso pad, with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Adjust the pad to be snug against your waist and grab a handle or rope attachment connected to the weight stack.
  • Twist your torso to one side, keeping your abs engaged and back straight, and pause briefly before returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other side, and continue alternating for the desired reps.

What Are The Benefits Of Seated Russian Twists?

Seated Russian twists are a popular exercise you can do with or without equipment. This versatile exercise targets the core, obliques, and hip flexors.

It is an excellent exercise for improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Seated Russian twists are relatively easy to learn and can be modified based on fitness level.

One of the critical benefits of seated Russian twists is increased abdominal strength and stability. This exercise works your lower abs, upper abs, and obliques, which helps improve overall balance in the trunk region of your body.

Additionally, using a lightweight or just a medicine ball during these exercises can increase the intensity while maintaining proper form.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding the two best obliques exercises to your gym routine is a great way to build strength and better posture.

Doing them with a machine can make the exercises more effective and accessible for everyone.

Consider doing reverse crunches, lateral raises, and other machine-based exercises to achieve better abs and obliques. Not only can these exercises help you look better, but they can also improve your overall well-being.

Other important exercise that you can do for your oblique

Let Start with the side trunk raise – the hyperextension bench!

A great obliques exercise that is effective enough to target, train and perfect muscles at both sides of your abs.

One of the most important and strength exercises for obliques abdominal.

Both the sides of the abdominals will be primarily target and train without any difficulty.

Regulating the hyperextension bench correctly and making a correct position is very crucial to get the performance started.

However, to get the bird view, this great exercise that I am talking about here is the overview of it :

Here is the Overview of the side trunk hyperextension bench !

Exercise type: strength

Target zone: obliques (muscle at both sides of abs)

Equipment: hypertension bench

Regimen: intermediate

Once you’ve known now what the side trunk raises hyperextension bench is all about so, let look into how to be accurate in performing this exercise to properly target, train and boost more power to your core.

Follow this easiest step-by-step guide right here whenever want to embark on a side trunk raise hyperextension bench:

How To Do Site Trunk Raise Hypertension Bench!

To get started with this exercise, make sure to properly regulate the bench, adjust the hyperextension bench painstakingly to prior to your size!.

  • So position yourself on the bench.
  • Lei sideways horizontally on the hyperextension bench makes sure that you are very secure.
  • Hook your feet up under the footpads tightly.
  • Let your lower feet hook tight under the front footpad and make sure that your upper legs are under the rear footpad.
Side Raise With Hyper Extension Bench
Side Raise With Hyper Extension Bench
  • Hold-in your knees, do not relax on it.
  • Don’t extend your knees fully and don’t relax it either.
  • So,  if you like though, let your first hand be on your hips and the other arm hangs down, relaxed.
  • Or you might want to put your hands behind your heard closer to your ears.
  • Move with your head slightly below your hip level slowly.
  • Then bend up till your right/ left abs side muscles are fully stretched and hold that position for a second for more contraction.
  • Then inhale as you go at the same time.
  • Move back to the beginning position and exhale as you move painstakingly.
  • You can then repeat the exact again for the side of your abdominal.
  • Repeat the process to prior to the rep that you have at hand. 

what are safety measures to take during Site Trunk Raise Hypertension Bench?

Here are the safety measures to take into considerations when performing this great exercise for a perfect performance without jeopardizing the good momentum, so follow these rules here to have safety performance : 

  • Make sure to adjust the hyperextension bench first to perfectly fit for your position.
  • Position yourself very well on the bench. Take care don’t fall off from it !,  makes sure to hood up your legs, your feet and position your body tight on it horizontally. 
  • Do not twist your upper body when you move up or down throughout the process, hold it a second at the highest position to make sure that your obliques muscles are fully stretched and contract properly.
  • Plus, make sure that when you move,  the down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion, and mind you, at the lowest position your obliques muscles must fully stretch and contract. 
  • Don’t extend you or relax your knees fully, for you might fall out from the bench.
  • If the hip pad is hard for your likings, you might want to put a piece of foam or a fitness mat in between your hips and on the pad.
  • Do these take note of all of them? Take care of yourself whenever you are doing Site Trunk Raise Hypertension Bench. Do not hot yourself!
  • And upon doing this exercise, you might need to be observed by your gym trainer, your personal trainer or one of your gym Friends that know doing it right. 

Continue with the cable side bend 

The cable side cable bend is other great obliques exercise, gym performance exercise to target and train your side abdominal muscles.

A universal pulley machine is needed to get started with this exercise, including the cable attach to it.

Primarily, the cable side bend will train, crunch and prefect your obliques effectively.

However, If you don’t want to do dumbbell side bend, the cable side bent it is the better alternative.

Great strength training exercise that will make you feel the effect right there exactly at the sides of your abs.

See the overview here :

Overview cable side bend 

Exercise type: strength 

Target zone: obliques muscles 

Equipment Needed: universal pulley

Rep: Intermediate 

How to do cable side bend!

  • So getting  is easy. Position yourself to the front of the pulley machine and select the weight to get started.
  • Just makes not overweight yourself so that you can be able to get the full control and also for better performance.
  • It is always better to start with the lightweight than when your muscles warms-up you can then add up more weight.
  • So stand upright in an erect position, with your feet on the ground firm and about one shoulder-width apart.
  • Don’t hollow your back,  let your back be straight and extend your legs a little.
  • Mind you, the grip you are going to be using for this exercise is underhand grip. Your palm should be facing your shoulder.
  • Grab the handle of the pulley machine while still looking straight forward and your other hand on your head or closer to your side.
  • Pull up the handle, bending your upper body slowly to the left, that is, if you are training the right side ab.
  • Pull the handle as far as you can stretch and hold that position for a second till the side of your abdominals is fully stretched and contracted.
  • Then go back down to the starting position. Don’t twist your body, the other side of your ab must also partially stretched.
  • You can then repeat the same process again for the other side of your abs muscle.

what are the safety measures to take during cable side bend?

Follow these safety measures for better performance anytime you want to perform this exercise :

  • Don’t overweight your self, load weight that your power can be able to control through the performance.
  • Remember that you don’t want the weight to control you, it’s you that will have  to control the weight, don’t let it drag you back to itself. 
  • Position your self properly don’t hollow your back, let your feet remain still firmly on the floor throughout the performance. 
  • Use an underhand grip for better performance.

Bend only your upper body in a layer and look straight. Don’t bend back and forth during the performance. 

Move slowly don’t rush yourself, the movement should be slow and steady 


This is How you train and perfect your obliques. These are effective obliques training exercises that you should be doing to the perfect, strengthen, maintain and stay healthy.

These 2 great exercise gives huge benefits that you could ever imagine are including 

The benefits doing of side trunk raise hyperextension bench and the cable side bend.. 

Great exercise for more abdominal strength and obliques abdominal perfection.

This exercise will help to effectively target, train, and perfect your sides ab muscles more than any other exercise does.

Great to lose some excess belly fat and more calories out of your belly.

If these 2 are performed correctly, regularly and with a good diet plans, take into consideration you could lose more belly fat and stay healthier. 

You question 

I would like to hear from you all and if you ever have any questions, comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you’ve got ways that you used to do your own and you want us to know about it.

Please feel free to leave all your questions and comments down below and we will be more than happy to hear from you all.




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