Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.

Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.

In  this article I a am going to  be discussing about  how you can train  and strengthen your abdominal at the comfort of your home, without having  to go to the gym or if you like you can perform it wherever you are.

This exercise is performable  in almost anywhere you can use this  exercise to train your abdominals at home and outdoor.

It is one of the training and abdominal  exercise that you can perform anywhere.

So,  on this post i will be telling you about air-bike  abdominal  crunch and to  perform it correctly.

What is air-bike abdominal crunch

Air-bike abdominal crunch is an exercise for abdominal, it is one of the  great and effective abdominal exercise that help train abs muscle, it help to lose some excess belly fat and also help to boost abs 6 pack.

Air-bike  abs crunch as  exercise is perform with your back on the floor or on a  mat crunch and  moving you legs in the air like if you are riding a bike but slowly and steady.

In that position doing this exercise you  trains the front portion of your abdominal and the side of  the abs.

How can you do air bike  abdominal crunch?

Well, to start with this exercise it  is very easy and you might need a mat to lie your back upon, so that to avoid any contact with the ground.

So, find a good spot  and position yourself tight , lie down with your lower back on the floor or on your mat, put your hands behind your neck and try not to let your shoulders blade touch the floor.

Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.

Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.

Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.

Aire-bike Abdominal Crunch.


What you wanna do is to  start with your  lower  legs  horizontal and your thighs at about 90 degrees,  your legs must not touch the floor.

So, crunch up  painstaking  by twisting your trunk  and let your left elbow touch the inside of  your  right knee, then extend without letting your leg touch the floor,  extent the left knee,  and bring the right, closer to your chest, move back down, but not too far  don’t let the shoulder blades touch the floor.

Then bring your upper body and your feet back to the beginning position, repeat that process  again, crunch  up again, but in the way round twist  your trunk  to the  other side and your elbow nearly touch the inside of  your left knee with  your  right elbow, then extend the right knee and start over, again  back to the  beginning  position and then  crunch up twisting to the left again.


It is advised to perform the exercise in a correct way, in a way that it suppose to be performed 30 to 50 reps is recommend to do at a roll , when you extend your legs let it go flatter,  but it must not touch the ground, your are going to be focus in working the abs muscle so,  the flatter your leg go down the better.

Don’t make that mistake some did when they don’t  really crunch up properly, they will roll on back and fort,  from right to the left,  again doing things wrong, i guess  they don’t really know that they are not training the ab in a way.

Do this exercise in correct way if you really wanna get rid of some belly fat and straighten your belly.

Air-bike  ab crunch is one of powerful abdominal exercise that can  help  you in your weight lose struggle, what you have to during the performance is to be concentrated and be  focus   target  and workout  the abdominals.

You should feel the work in your abdominal,  this is the type of exercise that you should be doing  often if you  really serious about your well-being and  to train your abs, it is going to  blast away the fat in your belly, you might  find it to be a little bit difficult  in the first time , but you really need to get used  to it.

I will really appreciate your comment about this article and if you have  question or anything concerning this post please leave them down below i will be very happy to know your thought about it, thanks.