How To Train Leg Better [2 Calf Exercise To Boost Legs Power]

Train your legs in a  better and effective way. There are great leg exercise that you can do to boost more power to your legs.

And on this topic I am going to show you 2 great calf training exercises that you do to can target, train and add power to the lower part of the body.

Train and boost more size to those muscles at the back of your lower body.

Improve the calf strengthen, shape them up and there you go, .. these exercise are efficient enough to increase calf’s muscle tissue leaving it with good shape and definition.

 I do like to say this,  if you ever have any question concerning this topic please  feel free to leave them at the bottom and I will get back to all them as fast as I could.

Now the first exercise that I will be talking about is the barbell calf raises standing.

what is barbell calf raises standing?

Great leg exercise primarily target,  train and strengthen  your calf muscles, it is one of the best calf exercise to effectively train and add size to.

It is performed using barbell putting it at the upper side of your back without letting the weight rest on your neck.

Is Barbell Calf Raise Standing Good To Train Calf?

Yes, it is good for training calf more effectively, and it can also be performed in hack squat machine or you may want to lean against the wall.

What I usually use is hack squat machine because I found it to be more convenient for me when performed it, easy to get the weight back and I can target and train the gastrocnemius.

That is muscles at the back of my lower leg, it found it to be  easy to to use.

You will also need a standing elevator or a box so that you make it more effective you will feel the training right there at the back of your lower legs.

Here is the overview of this particular exercise :

Barbell Calf Raise Standing overview 

Exercise type: strength

Target zone: calf muscle

Equipment needed: barbel or hack squat machine


How to do barbell calf raises  standing!

Let look about how to get it done perfectly to train your legs here:

Position your self standing with your body in an erect position.

If you are using barbel just position the barbell on top of upper portion of your back.

And mind you, don’t rest the weight on your neck.

The grip you are going to use is an overhand grip for a correct performance.

barbell calf raise

Position the weight properly let the weight rest at the back of the  upper portion of your back.

Follow the quick guide for perfect positioning on the exercise :

Quick guide for barbell calf raises standing

Position the barbell properly at the back of the lower portion of your upper body.

Let your hands be almost twice your shoulder-width apart

However, let your body  be straight throughout the performance.

Look straight forward, and keep your abs tight

while stile standing and keeping your abdominal tight in, stretch your calf muscle high with your heel on the floor.

Extend your knees, that will help you lean back.

Let your our heel raise,  and hold that position for a second till your calf muscles are 

fully contracted before you lower your heels down to the beginning position.

You can then repeat the same process to prior your rep.

What are the safety guidelines and precautions doing barbell calf raises standing?

Load the weight that your power can be able to control,  don’t overweight your self.

You should be capable enough to control the weight throughout, don’t let the weight control you.

Let your back be straight don’t hollow your back throughout

Take care of your neck don’t rest weight on your neck, rest it at the upper motion of your back.

Extend your feet a little to be shoulders width, and your hands to almost be your shoulders width apart.

Move slowly don’t rush yourself, lower your heels down slowly

Barbell calf raises standing is great exercise you can do to keep your legs fit and boost more power.

However, here is a second training exercise that you can do to train your calf :

Dumbbell calf raise

Dumbbell calf raise,  training one leg at a time!  it is a very good exercise idea to effectively train your calf muscles better.

One of the best leg exercises to train calf better and efficiently.

By doing it raising one leg at a time you are making it more effective and with that you will feel the effect  right there at the back of your lower legs.

 Calf raise can also be performed without using any weight, great exercise one of those that you could do at home or anywhere you are to keep your body fit.

Here is the overview of this exercise here :

Dumbbell calf raise overview 

Exercise type: strength

Target zone: calf muscle 

Equipment needed: Dumbbell 


what are differences between the dumbbell calf raise and the barbell calf raise?

The dumbbell calf raise is perfumed using dumbbell while you use a barbell for the barbell calf raise.

You hold one pair of a dumbbell in your hand to train each leg during the dumbbell performance.

what dumbbell calf raise and barbell have  in common?

The both will help to target, train and strengthen your calf

They can be performed raising one leg at a time so to make it more effective.

The both are good to train legs and add more size to it

You will be raising your legs throughout the performance

How to perform dumbbell calf raise !

Dumbbell calf raise in one leg is very easy to get started.

Here is how you can perfectly perform it to target and train your calf muscles:

Position your self very-well and stand erect with a pair of a dumbbell in your hand.

You may want to use a box or a stair to stand your leg on if you have one.

But if don’t have is OK, stand with one of the legs either left or the right one.

While still holding the dumbbell in your hand use the other hand to support your self.

Then what you are going to do is instep behind your heel.

 If you are training the right leg first hold the dumbbell in your right hand and support your self with the left hand.

Start with your heel below the box height if you using it,  let your calf be slightly stretched.

Here is a quick guide to the properly  position yourself :

Quick guide 

Stand erect and straight throughout 

Hold the Dumbbell on your right hand if you are training your right leg and do it do the same for the other side.

Support yourself with the other hand

dumbbell calf raise
dumbbell calf raise

Take the Dumbbell closer to your thigh

Don’t let the weight rest on your joint 

Don’t relax your ankle too much 

So, extend your leg until your calf muscles are fully stretched, the reason for that  is that you want to make sure that your calf muscle to be fully contracted.

Then, hold that position for a second for a perfect contraction of your calf’s muscle.

Before you can then lower your heel down slowly again to the beginning position.

Follow the same process to train your other leg, and you can then repeat the process all along to prior your reps.

Don’t just pull yourself back and forth,and don’t bounce. The down movement should be slightly slower than when you move up. 

 Safety measures to take when performing dumbbell calf raise.

Here are safety measures to take into consideration whenever you are going to perform this exercise :

Don’t overweight yourself for this might jeopardize your performance grab the weight that your power can be able to control throughout the exercise.

Make sure that you can be able to control the weight don’t let the weight control you.

Don’t let the weight fall off nor let it stray off from your hands, hold it well!

Let your body be straight,  position your self very-well, the dumbbell calf raise if perform is normally performed on a plate or a box.

The reasons for that is that,  you really want to make sure that your calf muscle is stretch both at the lower position and also at the high position.

Don’t create any difficulty that can jeopardize your performance throughout.

Don’t rest your ankle too much to make the weight rest on your joint, don’t do that ! that might hot your joint!

what are the benefits in doing dumbbell calf raise?

This is a great quadruplet exercise great to train leg effectively 

Dumbbell calf raise  shape lower body and boost definition 

It very good in helping to increase muscle tissues 

Dumbbell calf raise help to boost more calf size and mass 

It very effective leg exercise  for more strength 

Dumbbell calf raise is great to boost more power and for core strength

This is an efficient and compound exercise for legs 

It helps to train one leg at a time thus boost more effect

Calf raise can be done without any equipment, you can just get down on it at any time even right there at the comfort zone of your house. 


Here is how you  train leg better these are great 2 Calf exercise to boost legs Power, the dumbbell calf raise and barbell calf raise

standing are powerful leg exercise that will helps with the development of mass and boost power into your legs. 

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