Stealth Fitness Core Ab Trainer Review(Balance Board)

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Stealth fitness core ab trainer

With the Stealth Core Trainer get a lean strong core playing games and using your body to control the game.

Plus free iOS android app, 4 free mobile games, great core training energy enhancer, lose excess body fat from your body in a little period of time exercise your core anytime anywhere.

Stealth fitness core ab trainer
Stealth fitness core ab trainer

specification details and overviews

Brand nameStealth Fitness
ManufacturerStealth body fitness
Part numberPLNKSTER
Item weight4.5 kilograms
Item dimension L x W x H24/ 22.9/ 6.7 inches
Suggest usersMen and women
Product typeCore ab trainer
Bestsellers ranks2,539 in sports and outdoor and 6 in balance boards
Global rating4.5 out of 5  stars, of 1, 581 global rating
Customer reviews BASE ON FEATURESRange of motion 4.7/ sturdiness 4.5/ thickness 4.5/ Stability 4.3/ Value for money 4.2/ Easy to use 4.0

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Stealth Fitness Core Ab Trainer Review

The stealth fitness core ab trainer is effective and convenient to use with a well sturdy design to help you train and strengthen your abs, precisely the lower abs, upper abs, and side obliques.

It can also be used as a balance board to balance and train your arms, shoulders, lower back, your glute, legs, and calves.

Very easy to maneuver and an amazing plank platform that supports up to 300 lbs of users’ weight and with about 360 micro-movements. So you can train and keep your core strong while playing games and having fun.

Stealth fitness core ab trainer
Stealth fitness core ab trainer

Versatile and easy to use

Enjoy the unique way of working out and strengthen your abs and core at ease,  this great planking platform helps make a basic exercise like the “Plank workout”  easy and enjoyable to perform.

And boost the enthusiast to makes you want to do more, it’s one of the home fitness equipment to take into consideration no thought. Portable and easy to carry along anywhere.

This platform comes with a game app. So play games by using your abs movement.

Training your body has never been easy like this one. The stealth fitness app included is 4 and it totally free you don’t have to pay money to play the 4 games included.

The 4 games included are:

  • Stealth speed gliding
  • Color chase
  • Galaxy adventure
  • And space escape.
  •  The 4 games listed above are free and no subscription fee is needed so ever. However, the premium version of the game is available if you want more games to have fun with yourself, friends, and loved ones, there are always new games coming out every month.
  • Very easy to use and you can also track your progress on the real-time worldwide leaderboard or even play the game on your smartphone.

Stealth fitness core ab trainer game app
Stealth fitness core ab trainer game app

Enjoy The Innovative Multidirectional plank

Stealth platform gives you an enjoyable workout performance up to 360° angle multidirectional unique exercise performance platform.

Stealth platform gives you an enjoyable workout performance up to 360° angle multidirectional unique exercise performance platform.

Train And Strength You Core With No Hassle

Get your core-trained and strengthen your abs muscle, this platform will also take care of any back pain or strain within a second very effective just by using your core strength to control the motion on the screen or using your mobile phone.

  If you are one of those who doesn’t like a basic core ab exercise like plank workout,  then the stealth fitness core trainer is the best fitness equipment you can use as the best alternative to training and strengthen your core and ab muscles without any hassle.



  • Make core and ab exercise performance more fun and easy to perform.
  • Help to boost engagement during performance.
  • Easy to use convenient even in the comfort zone of your home.
  • 100% good customer service guarantee you can contact them via their customer service if you any issue with the product anytime for help.
  • 100% money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with what you buy you can contact them, returned the product, and ask for a refund.


  • More games are available but you have to subscribe.

Check out what those that are using said about it down below:

Buyers reviews

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The good kind of pain!, when I bought this I thought it was going to be another one of those gimmicky workout things. I have to say, this pleasantly surprised me! not that I had super low expectations but they definitely weren’t high. I love this thing.

why do I love it? I am competitive so if you add a scoring system or a leader board, I buy in its comfortable, not supper awkward, and is just the right height off the ground

for me to use without the pain that typically comes with these types of things it adds just that little bit of mental stimulation I need when working out to keep me interested it is challenging it is not so hard I can’t do it.


I love this thing! I have been a student of fitness for many years; I have been active in weightlifting and competitive Brazilian Jui Jitsu, for many years. I have never bought a device for exercise. there, that should put my following reviews into some perspective.

after a severe injury, I was unable to work out or train for quite some time. during that period work increased, I bought my first house, and life got away from me as did my physical health. getting back in the gym at the age of 40, overweight, and the weakest I have ever been was something I have been struggling with.

when I saw this device for some reason it caught my attention. with a ruptured lower lumbar disc, core strength is the key to my daily health and ability to function. that area has been lacking lately and I have been suffering as a result, but I hate core workout, and I hate plank even though those two things will improve my quality of life.

I got the planter and fell in love with it in the first session. it says to do 3 minutes a day but I could barely do 45 seconds.

No worries, I couldn’t wait to get on again because it was so much fun!! working my core has never been so mentally engaging.

I love this thing and I fully endorse its effectiveness in terms of both workout and motivation. I would recommend it to anybody and I will not have one of these in my home.

B kaiser

Not bad, plus two free games, it is a good concept and the device seems sturdy enough. will continue ti use it. though can only hang glide over the same trees, or destroy the same planets so many times before boredom set in.

can spend $20 a year to activate the other 6 games. yet that is a little more than I’d spend on those altogether period, find it is better using while streaming some favorite shows.

overall, I enjoy it. well spent it adds that good little extra change to a workout regimen.

Nic S

Just pull the trigger you won’t regret it!!? I was on the fence about this purchase foe a couple of month now. i watched many youtube videos, I’ve seen a bunch od adds.

i downloaded the stealth app before i bought it and messed around with the free games. I finally pulled the trigger and I am super glad I did. it is very sturdy and well made.

I was debating on trying to make one homemade to do the same thing, but I am glad I went this route. These planks are no joke, it easy to go from a full plank to a knee plank.

I would recommend this to anyone. not sure how much more robust the more expensive version is, but the cheapest one is definitely high enough quality for me a 6.5  -250 lb guy.

Is stealth fitness core ab trainer

with the good customer rating, reviews from those that are using it, and great features I would recommend this innovative exercise equipment.

It’s very useful and worth buying great fitness equipment for those who love to keep their body.


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