How To Do Military Press – Barbell Behind The Neck.

 Build a strong back and shoulders with the military barbell behind the neck.

 It is advise  not to overweight  and to use    to use a weighted bar first before  move to add more weight.  It is one of the effective shoulder exercise,that  is best performed seating  holding and lifting the barbell but you can also performed it standing.

You may need to be assisted  by an expert or a personal trainer when performing this exercise. Don’t  hollow your back let your back be  straight throughout the performance. Do not create momentum or  any difficulties to yourself. You must  be looking straight forward.

Focus in controlling  of the weight and do not let the bar stray off of your hands,  hold the barbell very well.

How to do military barbell behind the neck.


Seat down with your back straight grab the barbell, the grip for barbell behind the neck shoulder press is an underhand 5 to 6 inches is the distance between the two hands. lift the barbell over the head let the barbell rest on your shoulders behind your neck with your arms bending a little,

 slightly push your body forward  not to hurt your back and the back of your head. pulled-in your abs be straight and put your hands in the side of your shoulder for a good support and equilibrate.

 It is advised to start with light weight first to see and determine your strength before going on a heavier weight.

How To Do Military Press
How To Do Military Press

 Lift the bar up slowly you should be in total control of the situation throughout the performance.

Gently return the weight  back to the beginning position without creating any momentum or difficulties that can jeopardized the good performance of this exercise.

The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion and take careful of your  back and your head.

Do not overweight your shoulders and do not hollow your back when you are lifting the bar up, your feet should not move around and do not look down. Look straight forward. sit straight and  be in a straight position  when  performing standing.

Precaution steps  when doing  military barbell behind the neck.

Your back must be straight throughout the exercise.

 Your arms must be bending a little.

Don’t look down you must be looking straight forward.

 Be concentrated and do not move your feet  around.

Your abs should be pulled in and be straight during the exercise.

Be concentrated , focus yourself when performing the exercise.

Use an underhand grip with the 5 to 6 inches distance.

Hold the barbell very tight.

Do not create any momentum or difficulties.

Do not let the barbell stray off of your hands.

Straight your back and position yourself.

Do not overweight and be concentrate.

The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion.

 Be careful of  your  back and your head.

When lifting up the bar do not hollow your back.

  Military barbell behind the neck benefits.

It  is good for side deltoids.

It  helps  to train  strengthen shoulder.

 It is good for shoulder extension.

It help to train back and the joint.

It help to train  shoulders muscles.

It is one the effective  shoulders exercise that also help train  back muscles.

 It help to add more strength to  shoulders joint.

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